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Art of Andrew Swiatkowski is here to provide quality prints and originals. Commissions are now available. 

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Andrew Swiatkowski is based out of Denver, Colorado. He is a mixed-media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and charcoals. Key themes of his art are spirituality and divine feminine energies. He studied in Aspen with Christine Anderson, and has been making and selling work consistently for over 15 years.
Much of his inspiration is answering a call and demand to create something. A key element of his work draws upon the concept of having an introspective journey through your body and spirit to discover something good and new. It’s a belief that one can pull these new concepts through the chaos and make it make sense. His work is also inspired by stories of the ancient past as well as images of ancient goddesses.
Much of his art seeks to tell a story of the past through the work. The desire to make an old image and idea reborn and re -awakened through color and stylized movements. The work, especially those with the Divine Feminine aspects, seek to be modern altarpieces for the contemporary home. His art is influenced by the seasons that are ever changing, as well as the Wheel of the Year. He also utilizes astrological influences as well:  planetary movements and retrograde play a large part in what he chooses what to create.
He often has a practice of emptying himself, and allowing a different energy to paint. He allows other energies of the Earth and our collective past tell him what to do. He works against instincts to find a new way. Purposefully doing the opposite helps forge a new path. A higher vibration is often hiding inside, and can be found with some introspection and memory work.
Art of Andrew Swiatkowski was founded by to develop the dream of creating a fun business, one that revolved around one main passion: art!  Browse our site and find your next piece today.

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"We are stardust,

we are golden,

and we've got to get ourselves

back to the Garden.

Joni Mitchell

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