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Goddess of the Sacred Fire

Today I wanted to talk about my latest work. She is a Goddess inspired by a number of elements. So much about the time of fall (in the north) has to do with the end of life. I have always tried to remind myself that death and endings can be a time when the beauty of life moves into the deep to be reborn. For people who live off the land this is the times to take in the harvest and store it for the winter. This is a characteristic of the season of Scorpio as well as Halloween and the many other Holy traditions that remember the dead. It is now that memories return from the depths, our loved ones who have passed over take advantage as the veils have thinned.

In this latest work I wanted to bring our attention to a Goddess who is often forgotten.

She is Vesta the Roman Goddess of the hearth, home, fire and good fortune. (In Greece she is known as Hestia) When I was creating the image, I was reminded of the inner fire and the inner hearth. It is that place that is protected in the depth of our being keeping. Who do we long to gather to that sacred place and what do we use to fuel that sacred flame? These are all questions as we prepare for winter. Just like the Goddess that place is often forgotten in the subterranean and we are called in this season to remember and honor that place. That place is our roots, our depths, and the place we must go to find our ability to be reborn and heal. Snakes shed their skin ever evolving and hold poison that can kill and heal, a fitting symbol of the time of autumn. Scorpions flank the Goddess to remind that this place is sacred and not to be entered without respect and reverence. The heart aflame with love is our home and the Goddess holds her hands to protect the home within the home. I have been calling Her “Goddess of the Sacred Fire.” She is an image designed to bring protection and to remind us that we are safe. She is a reminder that our true home and hearth is within us always there waiting to be tended

This is my first blog post. I’m starting this blog to talk about my artwork and my life as an artist. There are so many aspects of the creative process. I have been trying to narrow down my topics. Feel free to send me questions to answer here in the future.

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