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Persephone the Triumphant

“Persephone the triumphant”

Mixed media on Arches watercolor 22x30

“O, let me teach you how to knit again

This scattered corn into one mutual sheaf,

These broken limbs again into one body.”

Marcus (Act 5, Scene 3)


Persephone is the Greek Goddess of wealth, healing, power, the moon, the underworld, the dead, the helper of victims, and the fertility of the earth. Her flower is the poppy and her fruit is the pomegranate. She was kidnapped by the god of the underworld as a child only to return as queen of the above and the below. As the daughter of Demeter (the goddess of the harvest) she embodies the aspect of the wealth of life and the joys of the earth. In her aspect of queen of the underworld she rules power, the dead, victims, and triumph over hardship. Her annual journey coincides with the seasons for when she goes to her people in the underworld the earth turns to winter. When she returns the earth explodes in spring with life and flowers. She also has aspects to moon especially the time of the dark moon and the new moon when the light seems to be taken only to return reborn. Persephone is a reminder that no matter the darkness of the journey the return to light is the promise. She pours out heavenly blessings and is filled with generosity and compassion. She understands strife and darkness and moves us to a place of beauty and power. May she walk through your life with a vessel of blessings that overflows.

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